General Conditions

The “HELLO ITALY” brand and the website url, from here on referred to as “Site”, belong to the the Manzhos Olena & C. company, Luxvita s.a.s. with headquarters in via E. Romagnoli 1, 20146 Milan, P.IVA/C.F. 07604050968, REA MI 1970497, from here on referred to as “Company”. The use of the Site entails the respect and acceptance of the present General conditions (from here on referred to as “Conditions”), which outline the access service and insertion of real estate listings.

Information protection – Privacy

Please read carefully the Privacy information present on the Site.

Negation of responsibility

The Site, being an advertising tool for property owners, constructors and agencies, is consequently not in any way responsible for the negotiation or selling of properties present on the Site. The Company does not own the properties being advertised on the Site. The user required to keep the Company harmless and unscathed from any responsibilities, damages, requests and third party demands of any kind that may derive in relation to the negotiations, conversations and/or contractual obligations with the advertisers or physical or legal third persons contacted through the Site. All the material and the information contained on the Company’s Site including, but not limited to, descriptions of the properties, photographs, videos, illustrations, prices could contain typing errors or mistakes. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the material and of all the information shown on the Site. The user must evaluate and assume the risk of reliability and completeness of any information present on the Site.
All the offers are without obligation to sell. The Company and the advertisers have the right to partly or completely modify the offer without warning. The user must verify, through inspection and any other tool, the regularity of the building and all the other authorizations. The relative taxes and VAT for a property can vary without warning. The Company is not responsible for the failure of any performance of any of the present Conditions caused by events out of our control including, but not limited to, acts of God, natural catastrophes, internet service interruptions, technical problems, unauthorized access and/or server intrusions, war, strikes, disputes.

Registering on the Site

The user is obligated to diligently protect their Username and Password. In case of unauthorized use, the user is obligated to communicate it to us in a timely manner at the email address

Permitted and forbidden uses

Use of the Site for activities other than the ones foreseen by the Company is forbidden.
All of the services and contents of the Site must be used in compliance with the law, common decency, public policy and these Conditions. In contradiction with the law, moral and public policy it is forbidden to use the Site to spread or make available to third parties any of the material and information (data, messages, audio and image files, photographs, software, etc.) for illegal or criminal activities and activities not performed in good faith or with the intention to violate third party rights, intellectual property or any other rules of the legal system.

Posting property listings

By posting a property listing, the user declares to possess the property or any other necessary authorization to sell/rent/advertise the property in question in the property listing and the information pertaining to such.
The user may not give the right to advertise (or modify) the property listing on our portal to anyone else without having first requested a written consent from our Company. It is the user’s right, however, to post the listing on other portals.
Starting from the posting date, the listing will either be forever visible or visible for a period of 12 months depending on the type of subscription chosen by the user. Renewal of subscriptions are not implied, therefore if the user has chosen a twelve-month listing, the Company will contact the user through the email address provided by the user during the registration phase regarding the imminent expiration of the listing.
uring the posting phase, the user may access their account and update, free of charge, all of the information relative to the listing (photos, price, etc.) with the exception of the description and the title. The modification of the description of the listing entails the payment of a new listing.
The user commits to inserting a single listing for each property and to not substituting the posted property with a different property. Each listing is tied to a single property. The Company reserves the right to remove any redundant listings regarding the same property that may have been posted. The user may temporarily or permanently delete a listing without any refund of the corresponding price of posting. It goes without mention that the posting of the property listing will not be extended for the amount of time in which it is not visible online. In the instance that the property has been sold or leased the user must remove the listing. After having carried out the payment, the property listing will be translated by us into English and the user will receive confirmation through the email provided during the registration phase once the listing has been posted online. The Company will send the user the invoice via email by the end of the month and make it available in the user’s account as well.
In the instance of suspension or malfunction of the listing caused by the Company, the user will have the right to an extension on the listing for an amount of time equal to the disservice. The user may not hold the Company responsible for any third-party damages, requests or demands of any nature that may occur in regards to the post and the content of the property listings. It is the responsibility of the user to verify the accuracy of the listing, this includes the English translation. The property listing may not include any links to other websites, pedophilia, advertising, pornographic, erotic, copyrighted material, any other protected third-party intellectual property material, viruses, files or programs that could compromise the correct functioning of the Site. This condition does not obligate the Company to run any checks on the images or information posted by the user. The user authorizes the Company to share any information or data posted and/or exchanged through the Site with its service providers, partners and affiliated companies. In the instance of a violation of the present Conditions, the Company, at its incontestable discretion, may take legal action, remove and/or suspend the user’s Username/Login, Password and online postings of property listings.

Energy class, Energy Performance Index

Starting from January 1, 2012, all property listings must report energy data as prescribed by legislative decree no. 28 (March 3rd, 2011). Warning: the legislation foresees the application of sanctions at the expense of the user in the instance of a violation of the legislative decree.

Right of withdrawal

If the user still has not posted the listing, the user reserves the right of withdrawal within fourteen (14) days from the time of payment and can obtain a full refund. In such cases, the user must send a written notice to the “Company” via registered letter to the address of the registered office or via fax to the number 0232066987.


For any complaints, claims or clarifications, the user may contact the Company via email at


The Site automatically stores Cookies on the user’s computer to allow for complete usage: Cookie policy . Cookies are small files which contain a unique randomly selected alphanumeric code.


TAll rights reserved. The texts, images, layout, graphics, animations, soundtrack, videos and their variants present on the Site of the Company are subject to and protected by copyright laws. All of these items may not be downloaded, copied, distributed, modified, published and used for commercial use. The Site could contain images protected by third-party royalties.
The unauthorized reproduction of this Site, or part of such, will be legally prosecuted by every means. Unless indicated otherwise, all logos and symbols of the Company’s Site are protected by copyright and commercial rights.


The Company does not object to links to this Site on other websites. If one creates a link to our Site, at any moment we reserve the right to request that the link be removed. The links present on our Site may redirect to other websites, run by other individuals or organizations, different from our own Company, for which the Company is not, by any means, responsible. The Company does not guarantee the correctness, timeliness, sufficiency or any other aspect of the information present on these websites, nor does it monitor them.


The Company does not guarantee that the Site is without interruptions or delays, nor that it is devoid of errors or viruses. The Site is provided “as-is” without any type of guarantee. The Company is not responsible and does not accept any responsibility for any viruses that could infect the user’s computer following the use of the Site or any applications downloaded (including the application type .exe) from this site.

Legal Notes

Except for laws that cannot be derogated, any controversy that may arise will be exclusively subject to Italian law and the Milan Tribunal will be the sole authority.